Which experiences in my life influenced my opinion about the world, people and God?

Lenka Gardianova is a junior at college program – Mission work with children and youth in Bible School in Martin. In her school thesis she wrote about few experiences that influenced her opinion about the world, people and God.

When I started to attend college my point of perspective changed from “me – people – things” to the point where I started to think about relationships between “me – God” and “God – me”. In Bible School in Martin I have gone from searching for understanding myself and others, to discovering and interpreting hidden statements about God. I remember the beginning of school year when I first came to my class. I have never seen so many Christians at the same place! Well, maybe I did, of course, but it was only in church.

I have to admit that when I applied for the school I had no idea there will be so many religion subjects. Now I see it as if God was guiding and leading me. I realized that God provides us the opportunity to get to know Him throughout our whole live but often we don´t understand it. And suddenly there comes the moment, when person starts to find its new identity, realizing that he or she is a part of God´s creation, God´s child that has been given a gift of life. When I myself realized this, God became a real “person” to me – He started to be the one I turned to (I had never accepted this before). Now I know that it is not only thankfulness to life but a true gratitude to the Creator of life.

I got many others gifts from God. My classmates and teachers are one of them. They are ´walls I can lean on´ and ´ways showing the direction´ to me and with their help I can come closer to God. I have had a lot of situations in my life I that often taught me to leave the long known paths. But when I felt insecure, my classmates and teachers were these ´walls´ that helped me to build stronger relationship with God. Often I think of many wonderful experiences during the school and I remember their warm words. Therefore I do not regret that I am in Bible School and as I believe it´s God´s will for me.

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  1. Hi Lenka,

    It’s so encouraging to see God working so closely in and with you. I’m sure the transformation is truly exciting and joyful for you. I wonder if you are interested in teaching or know of any teachers at your Bible school? It would be good if you could pass on the link to my blog called ‘The Christian Pedagogue’. I’m also in the process of writing a book with my prayer partners about Christian teachers’ walk with God. Do you know anyone who might be able to write a short testimony for us? Best wishes,

  2. Lenka says:

    Hi Phillip,
    I’m sorry for the late reply! In our Bible School in Martin, Slovakia is a large number of teachers and students. They are willing to participate in co-operation with you. The website of our school is: http://www.bsmt.sk/?language=2. There you will find all the necessary contacts. Good luck

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