Lutheran Preschool in Martin – “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them” (Matthew 19:14)

Lutheran preschool started in September! “Although we’ve only been going a short time, we are really thankful to God for His protection and leading through the Holy Spirit,” says teacher Zuzka Piatriková. Twenty-nine children are enrolled in our preschool this first year.

The children are split into two groups, depending on age, and have a fun and varied program. The school pastor comes every Tuesday and the children have preschool choir in the afternoon. Teachers from the nearby Leisure Center come to teach dance and art. American teacher, Benjamin Chandler, comes on Thursdays and teaches crafts, which the children love.

Teacher Zuzka Piatriková says, “All of our teachers in the preschool have been working on English-Slovak translation. The goal is that the children will learn to speak and understand English in a playful way.” The children particularly “love activities with Benjamin because they are fun and pull the children away from using the Slovak language only,” adds Zuzka.

Because our preschool is “Lutheran,” it incorporates Christian values in the teaching and education process. Children in both classes have “Bible Study for Little Children,” with Lubka Macekova, coordinator for children’s ministries in Lutheran Church in Martin. Other activities the children have been able to participate in include visiting the theater, museum, and the first grade class at the Lutheran Elementary School. Many children also like Sunday worship services and a discussion they had with a doctor from the hospital. “Many of our activities are over but we have many still before us. We believe that with God, everything is possible, and that our ministry will bring fruit only through Him,” says Zuzka.

Our Lutheran preschool in Martin asks for your prayer for God’s continued leadership and grace. We are thankful to everyone whose material and spiritual blessings are with us—in spreading the gospel in the lives of our preschool children.

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