Interview with Lynn Panosh

Lynn is the founding director of Eagle’s Wings High School Youth choir, directs the Bach Ringers, Women’s Chorale, Sanctuary Choir, and is Ministry team leader for the Music and Arts ministry at Our Saviours.

1. What do you find most rewarding in you service here in Slovakia?
I am amazed at how the Center for Christian Education is growing. More students, more staff, more buildings, more enthusiasm. I see God at work through the staff and vision of the CCE changing lives as they bring the word of Christ and model the joy of living in Christ to others.

2. What is your energy source for your life? What charges you?
My faith and my work, especially my work with Eagles wings Choir charges me. Through music I am able to express my faith. Through music I see my students grow in their faith, grow in their relationships with each other and show their joy. Music touches the soul and transcends language and age barriers.

3. If you think about Slovakia, what will be first idea what comes up in your mind?
When I think about Slovakia, I think about my friends at the CCE. I think about what we have learned and experienced together and what I see being accomplished here. The CCE is a beacon of hope and change in a beautiful country, providing children with a quality education and modeling trust, faith and joy in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

4. Will you miss anything from Slovakia?
I will miss our friends at the CCE and I will miss the beautiful country. The history in the land; the beauty of creation. I will miss the food ☺ Especially the chocolate granola and the delicious home cooked meals, delicious breads and pastries and, of course, “zmrzlina” (ice cream)!

5. Are there occasions when you feel like „the tree growing close the water“? What helps you to nourish this feeling in your everyday life?
A tree growing close to the water thrives because of ample and steady supply of water, a basic need for life and growth. My faith and trust in God is like that water that sustains me. It is times with my students and our team of adults, when I see God at work in and through individuals that give me great energy. Praying, feeling that we are doing what God wants us to do, trust in that the seeds we sow, will be nurtured by God and will further God´s kingdom here on earth.

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