How beautiful and nice… (Psalm 133) Mission Ukraine 2012

A team of nine missionaries from the Lutheran Church, Lutheran Elementary School and the Bible School in Martin are preparing for “Mission Ukraine”. All participants feel like being one big crowd family with God at the head. This is our fourth opportunity to hear how beautiful and nice it is serve to our God by talking about Him with kids.

Day in this camp start with a general morning program that include songs, dramas, puppets and camp news. Later kids learn Bible and the topic of the day in groups, do crafts and play games. The day is crowned with a special evening program.

Kids sing Ukrainian, Russian and Slovak songs with movements with great joy. They participate actively in dramas and – what is the most important – ask many questions at Bible lessons.

As part of the body of Christ, to see every young person in every people group in every nation have the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ and become a part of the local church.

What our Ukrainian friends are saying about CCE´s mission? See this link

If you want to support us in this mission, please contact sisa.brndiarova(at)

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2 Responses to How beautiful and nice… (Psalm 133) Mission Ukraine 2012

  1. Brenda Fast says:

    This is a fantastic outreach!

  2. JoNette says:

    You look like a fun group!

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