Interview with Rich and Julie Wendland

Rich and Julie Wendland are two friends of 20 member builders’ team that worked at CCE during the first two weeks of May.

With the aid of CCE staff and the parents of our Lutheran elementary school pupils, they made a serious “dent” toward the completion of soon to open Christian Kindergarten. Their work consisted of plastering, painting, garden work and decorating. Let´s read an interview with Rich.

1.  How did you come up with the idea of serving as builders in Slovakia?
KJ had talked about the experience many times and we felt that was something we could do, too.

2. What do you find most rewarding in your service here in Slovakia?
That we could come to Slovakia and help prepare the school for the new kindergarten program.

3.  What have you found the most challenging in your service?
KJ and others who have been there many times prepared us for what to expect.  As a result, we really didn’t have any major challenges.

4.  Have you managed to overcome these obstacles?  If so, how?
Julie and I are very flexible.  What may be obstacles for others are routine for us.

5.  Your team has accomplished a lot during these ten days.  You brought in tremendous effort.  Is there anything you take home in return?
The staff’s vision, passion, and dedication is amazing!  If we bring one tenth of that back with us, then we have done well.

6.  Once you are at home, what is your next calling?
Using what I have learned in Slovakia to improve the Bible camp associated with our church.

Thank you for your answers

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One Response to Interview with Rich and Julie Wendland

  1. Mary Schultz says:

    I would hope that Rich and Julie return to Martin again soon. They have giving and receiving spirits that make for good partners.

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