Freshman Students Have “Mom” Studying Beside Them

Interview with Tatiana, student of the program “Mission Work with Children and Youth

Tatiana is not overlooked in her new class. She is mature woman who attends daily classe at the Bible School in Martin. She has the strong voice and refreshing image but you can see is not a teenager. Her classmates think she is interesting, friendly and a welcoming person. They see her like their “Mom”.

We want to introduce you to Tatiana and ask this “Mom” some questions about why she is in the freshman class of  Mission Work with Children and Youth.

1. Why did you choose Bible School and this program?

“I am from Martin and I like the people and community around the Bible school. I knew that I was coming into a family, a place where I would be able to rely on the help of teachers and other people. Although I considered the study program for a long time, I relied on God´s help. I know that I am not alone. “

2. You told me that you tried studying before when you were young. What made you try school again?

“School is very hard for me. I think that our understanding about the school process has changed. We used to think that some people can learn and some people can not learn. Tatiana smiled, as she told me, “I am trying to go back to school again and learn now.”

“I take with me God´s equipment  and the belief that God will greatly help me. With God ´s help I will try prove that  ‘I ´m still not ´old iron’. Tatiana thinks  that education is one of the most beautiful opportunities for us to experience in life and that she’s not to old—like an old iron—to be tossed out but instead, reshaped and reformed for a new use.

3. What do you expect of your study in Mission Work with Children and Youth?

“I think the program will meet my expectations. Although a lot of us do not know exactly what we have to expect in the future. I know that I expect to find a deeper knowledge about God and His Word. I believe that the program in school will help me in my personal life and in my work life, too. I would like to know more about the nature of God and understand the message of the Bible personally for me.”

4. We are in the middle of your first exam period which is not an easy time. What do you most  enjoy?

“I most enjoy when I pass the exam. Even though I have problems with my health, I imagine jumping two meters up in the air and celebrating. I can see that my thinking, reasoning and understanding is changing. It is special. I use to read the Bible and I use to believe its content and I believe in God. Now, suddenly, you study and you see a completely different dimension. You understand that this is not so easy or clear and obvious as you thought before. I see something more for my life and my actions.”

5. What is this new dimension of thinking and understanding? What is happening inside of you?

“If I read the Bible today, I read it differently. I read it like the  words are for me to understand. I believe from the Bible that my mission will be changing. Maybe this is my personal exam, too. Because I don´t know if I will pass it. I would by sorry if I did not pass it, but it is not a shame for me. I know the Bible better right now and I know that this school gave me a lot. Although I may not pass it, from a human view point it is probably to loose, but for me it is to win.”

6. You are surrounded by very young people. How is it to be a part of such a young team?

“Somebody told me once at the beginning of school that I will be a ´Mom´ for the students. I remembered that I was surprised. Why should this be? Every one the students has their mom at home. The truth is that we are very respectful to each other. Many times I wish to give up, but  then one of these young people helps me and encourages me. The truth is that I came with some concerns about this class at the beginning. You know, young people are different today and they don´t respect middle and older generations of people sometimes. Today I know that they accepted me and perceive me like their ´Mom´ and this is amazing! They accepted me and this is really a nice feeling.”

7. Does anything else still surprise you on your relationship with your young classmates?

”I am still surprised how we understanding each other and accept each other. It is in God´s hands, of course. We meet and I am the oldest. However, we find understanding. My younger classmates are fantastic, interesting and humble.”

8. When we are talking so open about age difference and your position of ´Mom´ in the class, do you feel that is parts of God´s plan for you in the Bible school?

“Exactly” she laughs. “I am often saying to myself  ´God where are you sending me?´ or ´what I am doing here?´ These are often the questions in my mind. But I still tell myself ´God, sorry, for my grumbling, and I am going to learn´.

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2 Responses to Freshman Students Have “Mom” Studying Beside Them

  1. Brenda Fast says:

    What a blessing you are, Tatiana! Finish the race!

  2. KJ says:

    Tatiana, we are NEVER too old to learn. Lifelong learners are happy and cheerful people!! Be JOYOUS in your learning!

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