Volunteers Work on Pastor’s Apartment

At the Lutheran church in Martin they are two flats – apartments – for pastors. One flat is for pastor Milan and his family who came to Martin two years ago. A second flat is vacant. Church volunteers have provided free labor,  their time and  are using donated money to remodel the flat.

This flat is empty because Pastor Jan Hroboň, who served the church for ten years, left Martin and is now a pastor in Bratislava. The Christians in our congregation are taking this opportunity to reconstruct the flat and create a new space for their next pastor and family.

With God´s help the people from the church, many of them youth, will continue to work on the  remodeling project. So far they have changed the radiators, installed new electricity, and removed a wall. The crew is now working on the final details. They plan to paint the wall and sand the parquet floor. Soon both of the pastors flat will have independent heating. Thanks to God who helps us and provided the congregational volunteers with a heart of service  for work in  His church.

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2 Responses to Volunteers Work on Pastor’s Apartment

  1. Charlotte Mosqueira says:

    What a wonderful project to remodel the flats for the Pastor’s. I know that Pastor Milan’s family will be very thankful for the new space. I noticed in the picture that Pr. Milan was right in there helping with the remodel. Blessings….

  2. Mary Schultz says:

    Everyone in the pictures looks like they are accomplishing a lot except. . . the fellow in the green shirt looks like he is doing in the back of the knee of the guy on the ladder. GREAT pictures of your Congregation doing a labor of love Pastor Milan and the new one day- pastor.

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