Walking in his shorts

Interview with Milan, student of the program “Religious Education

When new freshmen came to the Bible school we remember their faces pretty quickly. One of them, Milan, soon received the title boy in shorts. Why? When it was the end of the summer, colorful autumn, when you can feel the first frost outside, boy in shorts was always without warm coat. Let´s read an interview about healthy hardening, police escort, study of religion, and God.

Milan, characterizes himself as a man, who made everything just easy and straightforward. Nevertheless he did not fit to some group. I don’t judge him. I just know that people around him know Milan as “the boy with shorts in December.” Tell us more

I think that warm and cold are two very comfortable states of being. You just choose some of it. People around me are a little bit wonder-struck and bewildered. When I went home I met some policemen a couple days ago. I was in my shorts. It was pleasant outside, just some frost…. It was interesting because the police asked me where I am from, what I am doing, and where I am going. It was a success. They remove me home.

You are a student of Religion studies in university in Zilina. Why did you choose exactly this study program?

I liked the personal approach by Bohdan Hroboň, a teacher in the Bible school. He invited me to start thinking about studying Religion and math. I like the conditions of education too. So when I want to teach someday, I must (and want to) study.

I suppose you are believer. How has your faith in God influenced your choice of study program?

My faith influenced my selection for religion study significantly. I was really encouraged in august (one month before start of school) at some Christian festival. I think that without this encouragement I would have stopped my schooling for sure.    

Do you think that your study program Religion studies may be completed by non-Christians too?

I think so. Students may be non-christian because there information is presented objectively in questions about theology, too. Some professionalism and objectivity of facts is still preserved, so our study does not require absolute faith. The faith still has its importance, of course. It is especially so in motivation.

If we are talking about faith, what do you like in God the most?

I like that our confused and illogical world can be right when we try to see it by God´s eyes. Everything that was unimaginable interlocks perfectly. The truth is that for people everything interlocks without God too. But the results of our actions without God are still unpleasant for most of us…

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