3Bé in the 3D – celebration of education

The celebration of education is a regular, creative presentation of knowledge and skills by the students of the Lutheran elementary school in Martin in friendly atmosphere with parents and teachers. This year’s celebration of education took on the character of a scientific conference.

“We in 3rd grade class decided to do our celebration a little bit different,” says Anežka Neupauerová, the class’s teacher and coordinator of the presentation. How? Read the interview right now.

1. What was a goal of the scientific conference?
Our goal was to present the knowledge and skills which children got in previous weeks of school in way which would be interesting and fun for all of us. We knew that our audience will include rare guests, so we started planning how we could do everything as best as possible.

2. Who was creating the program of scientific conference? Who were the guests?
Our scientific conference’s participants were various types of scientific experts and their assistants like we in the 3rd class use to say about us; so 18 students together. The students introduced individual sections, including sections of foreign language, natural science, social science, and the science of arts, too. The guests were parents, grandparents, godmothers and godfathers, siblings, the principal of the Lutheran elementary school, and all of the kids who prepared the program for this conference.

3. You were coordinator and author of this idea. Tell us, how did this idea start?
This idea appeared when we had a topic about the universe in science class. I know that this topic would be interesting for children and would be like energy pill for them. It would wake up all their senses. And so it was. All of my efforts to have a lesson under my control were unnecessary. The kids were “full of information”. I just opened my eyes to how much information they knew about the universe. Then I told spontaneously: “We have to invite someone and to a conference and you will have a chance to show how much you know!”

4. Your challenge was sound. What was the reaction of your students?
One week were they silent (smile). After a resounding, clear consent. I needed it – infect kids by this idea! How great is it going to be preparing things when children participate simply because they want to do it!

5. What was the most interesting part of being the coordinator for you? What was most interesting for the students?
Just that! The reaction of my 3rd grade students was for me the most interesting. They didn’t leave me alone with this idea, and participated in preparing some skits and scenarios. They created everything and I just edited their ideas. Great cooperation! And, what was most interesting for kids? I am sure everything. They gave their maximum. I am really proud of them.

6. I think that your pride is in right place. Tell us, where do you see the highest sense of this action in Lutheran elementary school?
Everything what we are doing for and with kids has a huge sense. Like, for me, being a teacher is a big challenge, trying to uncover things in the children, working and reinforcing it. Kids are very formable. When you find something that fulfills them and moves them there doesn’t exist a better reward. You can see satisfaction on the kid´s faces.

7. What skills are taught through activities like this?
I think that the process of preparation for this celebration of education was really exemplary. Children could use many of their skills in practice activities and real life too. Four days of intensive work strengthened our feelings of clarity, purposefulness, fellowship, and responsibility. It made us a great team. What more could I wish for?

8. Are you planning to organize with kids some similar activities? Or what can we enjoy in the future?
There doesn’t exist an easier answer to a question like this. We are not planning because I know that students will plan it (smile). For sure we want to organize the celebration like this in second part of year too. I am thinking about main topic, about ideas and when we can do it again. I will probably use the same methods “infect by ideas”. I hope that next time it will be as good as it was now.

Interview with coordinator Ms. Neupauerová
prepared Hedwi Hennelov

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