Dear friends and partners in the mission of our Incarnate Lord!

We are grateful for yet another year filled with God´s miracles and blessings. We are grateful that He uses Center for Christian Education (CCE) in Martin, Slovakia as the means of delivering His mercy to all our students – be it the students of our University degree programs, the Bible school programs, or pupils of the Lutheran Academy. In His providence He further uses our students and graduates to deliver His mercy to their families, friends, and neighbors near and far as they are better equipped to be missionaries of His revealed love. At the root He uses you – by your prayers, work and support – as the means of delivering His mercy to us.

This year, due to joint effort of the CCE staff, city of Martin, our sponsors and volunteer work (of both American builders´ groups and parents of our pupils) we have been blessed to be able to reconstruct and open a “new school building” which currently houses three classes of Lutheran Academy. The plan and need for next year is to renovate the second floor of the building in order to house three more classrooms and, finally, a cafeteria that would serve over 200 children and their teachers.

Reconstruction works on the new building (2010)

Received generous gifts for the purpose of new school building: 187 000 USD
Overall expenses until now (1st floor reconstruction): 132 000 USD
Reserve for the 2nd floor reconstruction 55 000 USD

The 2011 reconstruction needs:
The budgeted costs for the 2nd floor reconstruction, together with furnishing
of 3 classrooms and 3 teachers’ rooms are 73 000 USD. Therefore, we still need to raise
18 000 USD by September 2011 to be able to finish the second floor.

Total costs needed
for finishing 2
nd floor
# USD per piece TOTAL USD
Students’ chairs 60 53 3 180
Students’ tables 30 98 2 940
Teachers’ tables 3 110 331
Teachers’ chairs 3 53 159
Blackboards 3 910 2 730
Other furniture – book shelves, etc. 3 420 1 260
Teachers’ office furniture 3 1 400 4 200
Still needed for building reconstruction 3 200

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