The piers of books

When someone gets clobbered to head with a book and we can hear a hollow “plonk” sound, it isn´t always just “because the book,” said Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, satirist and scientist.  Nobody can hear that hollow plonk sound in heads of our students anymore because they learn to love books in their school.

Students and teachers created an interesting literature project, a literature and language competition in March, which is a month devoted to books. Students from grades 1 to 4 participated in this project.

The first literature meeting was called “the piers of books.” These piers were students who love books and know them very well. During a fun morning assembly, the school held many competitions — there were some about sayings, proverbs, and puns, and the creation of some poems too. This event featured some special cartoon character guests, too — a ladybug, a butterfly, and even Little Red Riding Hood. The chairman of the jury was a bee named Maya.

I think that the literature project was big success. Everybody can come to know that the book is a garden we can carry in our pants pocket.

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