Christian Education in Martin – The Story of God’s Faithfulness

The first days of January were filled with thankfulness for the previous year 2011 and joyful expectation of the coming new year. The King came to us during the Christmas season and He is coming back again so that we can serve and belong to Him. We have numerous wishes and plans in the year 2012. In cooperation with the Lutheran congregation in Martin, we have been able to establish a Lutheran kindergarten which, as of September 2012, will open the opportunity to share the Gospel with the youngest. In addition to the daily playful English classes, the kindergarten wants to lead the children in Christian values via loving and caring approach of their teachers.

The Lutheran elementary school (LES) has been blessed abundantly in the past year. In its beginnings (2004) it missed many essentials including children, classrooms, teachers and other resources. It could be considered a miracle that within few years, it has become one of the best elementary schools in Slovakia. Nowadays we dare to speak of an approved space where every child can grow in all his/her gifts and talents and thus develop his/her potential fully. The school’s educational program has been set up in a way that enables natural and successful transition from LES to a planned Lutheran Bilingual High School.

In addition to the university programs prepared and taught at Bible School campus, our original dream to teach English in an environment built around Christian values turns into a reality. This is a tangible sign of God’s faithfulness. Our loving Father is present in our efforts. In the small country of Slovakia, we can witness the development of an educational complex which links Christian education all the way from the kindergarten to the university. Twenty years after the fall of communism and the oppression of Christian faith, the dream has come true – we have an opportunity to teach this faith to children, youth, and adults as well.

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