Do it like Slovaks do – be late even 15 minutes, it´s OK :)

1. How did you get to know about the studying in Slovakia? How did all of it start?
When I was studing for the first year in Finland we had two teachers (Bohdan & Katka) who both kept one lecture to our class. They were very good lectures! Then at second year our teacher was asking where we would like to go for exchange. In this info she said that Slovakia was also an option. In that moment we knew that we’d go to Slovakia.

2. What convinced you for study just in Slovakia?
I think the first answer answers this, too.

3. What did you do before you decided to come to Slovakia?
I think the answer to the first question answers this, too. But, I was also thinking about going to Africa but then I realized that I might be needed somewhere closer: That I can also serve in Europe.

4. What is different between studying in Finland and studying in Slovakia? What is similar?
Well..first of all the studying of language is different. In our school we don’t have that much Bible studies so this was a very good opportunity to learn many new things! In Slovakia we had a chance to study in small group which was good.

Similarities..hmm.. well also in Finland we have to read books that are hard to understand.

5. What was the most difficult thing about studying in Slovakia?
If you don’t speak English as your native language it is quite hard but definitely worth it! Of course it would be best if you knew enough of Slovak so that you could study with the class..

6. What are the biggest challenges of studying in Slovakia?
I would say the language. Because if I was studying in Finnish it wouldn’t take so much time and I could ask ”better” questions … Everything is easier in your own language. But it is worth trying to study in a forgein language.

7. You studied the “missionary work” at the Bible school. Where are you seeing the benefits of this study, personally for you?
I learned so much more from the Bible! And I was motivated to read more and more of the Bible! I learned about God and through that I learned new things about myself and my life..So it was really a life changing experience!

8. What is most difficult for a Finnish girl in Slovakia?
Slovak language is of course hard. It’s hard to be away from your friends and family but luckily you can get new friends pretty quickly!

9. What did you become accustomed to most quickly?
That you have to speak English. And sometimes you don’t know what others are saying because you can’t speak Slovak. And when you go to shop or cafe or post office you probably need to show what you want or need.

10. About what did you say “I can not to change it” and you didn’t worry about it more?
This is a hard question.. I’m very open to new things. But I think Mirva is going to write something to this question.

11. Are you getting used to Slovak mentality?
”Let’s do it Slovaks’ way: 15 minutes late!” My new motto.

12. What are the differences are between the Slovak and Finnish mentalities?
I like it that in Slovakia people are more close to each other than in Finland. In Slovakia it is okay to touch the person you are talking to. In Finland that would be very strange!

13. What about your study at the Bible school made you happiest?
I’m really inspirated by all the people working in there! It is a Miracle (with big M) how well the school is doing! You can really see God working there! The community of believers is so alive in there! It was great to be a part of that community for a little while (and it would have been very, very, very nice to be a part of that for longer!!)

14. Do you have some funny story , I mean the story of your service?
Nothing comes to my mind now! There were many funny things! But I just can’t remember.. I hope Mirva remembers something.

15. Would you like to say something on the end? Some notice for our readers?
If you have never visited Martin and Bible school – DO IT! You really can not discribe it! You’ll have to experience it!

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One Response to Do it like Slovaks do – be late even 15 minutes, it´s OK :)

  1. Diane Johnson says:

    I live in Minnesota, USA. We had a dear friend, Robert Schnierer from Kremnica, visit us in America. He traveled with a church youth group to Northern Minnesota where it is cooler weather than where we live near St. Paul. I tried to write a message to Robert’s mother, Bozena, and tell her that he was in a cooler place. I tried to write in Slovak – translating each word alone. I learned later that I had told her that we put Robert into a freezer! Learning and using other languages is very difficult!
    God bless all of you and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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