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CCE students visit sister school in Báčsky Petrovec, Serbia

This May, 20 CCE middle schoolers, a high school band, and our teacher´s band DeArt visited a sister school in Slovak town Bacsky Petrovec, Serbia. Even though Bacsky Petrovec is located in northern Serbia, it is a town where community … Continue reading

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Teambuilding 2019 – Lutheran preschool

Our lutheran preschool has a nice team of teachers. They love their work and they do their best to create an atmosphere of welcome and acceptance for every child in their care. But sometimes they also need to care for … Continue reading

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Thus far on grandpa’s trail

Gone!! It was gone!! I stood staring at a vacant lot, unbelieving; refusing to accept what my eyes told me. I turned to my companions. Maybe we were in the wrong spot, Wrong Street, wrong town. But I had to … Continue reading

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