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Channeling Socrates: A Professor Talks about the Art of Teaching

Bruce Reichenbach, an American professor of philosophy, shared insights about the Socratic method and reminded University of Žilina students of what is arguably Socrates’ most famous quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

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The Symbol of Protestantism – Luther´s Rose – Made from Flowers in our School Garden

Our clever 6th grade pupils have created an original “Luther Rose” from actual flowers. They decided by themselves that the symbol of our church should be made from flowers and must come from our own school garden. Having this lovely … Continue reading

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“We want to continue to help” – says our fourth grade students

Last year students at the Lutheran Academy reached out to help abused women and children through their Easter school social project. This year, the students returned with the same goal: “We do not want to stop helping!”

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