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Building Bridges between Autistic and Non-Autistic World – Drama put on by Lutheran High School Students in Martin

Shortly after the start of the second part of the school year, students from the Lutheran High School in Martin began rehearsing their new theater performance. After “Nicodemus,” last year’s performance, showed on the occasion of Lutheran Academy’s 10th anniversary, … Continue reading

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Remove Obesity and Live a Healthier Life

What are the basic principles of healthy-eating for a school-age child? How many fruits and vegetables should be included in his or her diet? How much fluid should a child drink and how much ‘power’ should breakfast provide for that … Continue reading

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School in Afghanistan is DONE – Construction Process Finished, Education Can Starts

A fund-raising project initiated by the Lutheran-associated school in Martin has continued the tradition of several years of social projects. These projects were services like serving Martin’s Lutheran church in Ukraine and serving refugees from Somalia, who were forced to … Continue reading

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