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4th Grade Student, Peter, Teaches about the Universe in the Lutheran Preschool

Peter introduced himself at the beginning of the session and told about his school—the Lutheran Elementary School. He had prepared a DVD with some images to grab the kids’ attention and then he presented twelve paragraphs about the universe. For … Continue reading

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To Know Yourself and Others Better

A recent meeting of External (Weekend) students in the Mission Work with Children and Youth program focused on self-knowledge. Students were able to discover how they see themselves and how they are seen by others.

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Barborka: “I would Recommend the “Mission Work with Children and Youth” Program to Everyone!”

I am very excited about my study program ‘Mission Work with Children and Youth.’ I had hoped to get into a good university but was not successful in my first attempt. At first I felt bad, but later, I found … Continue reading

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Anniversary of Ján Bohdan Hroboň

“Your words were a joy for me and solace (consolation) to my heart.” (Jer 15, 16). These are the words of Jeremiah, which Pastor Ján Bohdan Hroboň, (Bohdan’s father) would always quote whenever he came to speak to our local … Continue reading

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